Rockmart Explosion In Georgia Kills Female Employee Elaine Davidson

A Rockmart explosion killed a female employee today.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, another explosion in Follansbee, OK killed a girl in a natural gas accident, blowing the house to pieces and causing damage for miles.

The Meggit polymers and composites plant in Rockmart, GA suffered a boiler explosion that killed 56 year old employee Elaine Davidson. There were no other deaths or injuries associated with the Rockmart explosion.

The explosion happened in a building off from the main building in which Ms. Davidson was the only occupant. The explosion wasn’t any sort of chemical reaction and is instead believed to be caused by steam. Plant president, John Skubina, said Elaine Davidson was a quality control inspector who was working in a room with a machine called an autoclave, which creates pressure and heat. Pressure started coming out of the machine which then exploded.

OSHA was at the scene investigating what happened to lead to the Rockmart explosion and a spokesman for the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner says there was an investigator from the agency at the scene.

Elaine Davidson was taken from the plant to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Friends of Ms. Davidson say she was a grandmother who was looking forward to spending Halloween with her grandchildren.

Meggitt Polymers and Composites is a chemical processing plant that has more than 10,000 employees worldwide with 1,200 employees in its Rockmart location. Meggit operates in the town’s old Goodyear plant, built in 1929. Meggitt is Rockmart’s largest employer with more than one-third of the population working at the plant.

What do you think about the Rockmart explosion?

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