Los Angeles Airport Shooting: Gunman Opened Fire In Terminal 3

LAX Airport Shooting UPDATE: 1:30 pm – The New York Daily News is reporting that at least two people were shot at the Los Angeles Airport. Buses are visible taking disembarked passengers away from parked airplanes on the tarmac. Initial witness reports state that the airport gunman fired approximately 10 shots near the TSA checkpoint. Some of the injuries at the shooting scene may have been caused in the panic after firing began.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) Terminal 3 was evacuated after a gunman reportedly opened fire. Multiple victims are being rushed from the scene, the extent of their injuries are unknown. A “stampede” occurred inside the terminal after the shooter opened fire, according to LAX witness statements.The airport, which is located about 19 miles from downtown Los Angeles, is in the process of being evacuated. Reuters is reporting that law enforcement officers shot the gunman, but other news agencies have indicated that there is possibly more than one shooter, according to Fox News.

The known LAX gunman was reportedly wounded in the leg and is now in custody. Helicopter news footage from the scene of the Los Angeles International Airport show police officers still maneuvering around the area with guns drawn.

The LAX gunman allegedly carried a “high-powered” rifle and entered the airport and opened fire near the congested ticket airport. At least one TSA agent is reportedly among the victims being wheeled away from the Los Angeles International Airport. Approximately a dozen ambulances are on the scene and the majority of waiting passengers and LAX airport staffers have been escorted to a secure are on the tarmac.

LAX airport security officers described the gunman as a man adorned in either dark blue or black clothing, according to USA Today. KABC-TV ABC Channel 7 News has confirmed that the airport shooting occurred at a TSA security checkpoint. Airlines that operate out of the Terminal 3, which is on the north side of the airport, include Allegiant Air, Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit, and Virgin America.

Los Angeles law enforcement officers are going around the LAX airport parking areas vehicle to vehicle with their guns drawn. The Los Angeles airport shooting occurred around 9:30 am local time.

Bill Reiter, a FoxSports reporter happened to be at LAX during the shooting, and sent out this statement in a tweet:

“When gunfire broke out there was a stampede people, all of us hiding under seats we didn’t fit under, we burst through the door to outside.”

Tory Belleci, of the television show Myth Busters, shared this in a tweet from the scene:

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