Hugo Chavez’s Ghost Magically Appears At Construction Site, Successor Says ‘We Are All Chavez’ [Video]

Caracas, Venezuela – We’ve detailed here and here why Hugo Chavez’s successor Nicolas Maduro, at the very least, has a funny way of saying things. But now he might also be seeing things and, well, that worries us.

Maduro, whose obsession with his predecessor Chavez seemingly knows no limit, said that the 58-year-old Venezuelan leader who died in March spontaneously revealed his incorporeal self to a tunnel worker who managed to snap a photo of the “apparition” on his cell phone.

Chavez then disappeared.

Maduro, who took over for Chavez in April, made the strange claim during a town hall meeting on Wednesday.

“Look at this figure that appeared to the workers, it can talk to them … a face … who is that face?” he said. “A look, it is a look of the homeland that is on all sides, including on phenomena that do not have an explanation.”

I don’t know about you, but I do not see what he sees.

Anyway, Maduro claims that while he was inspecting the excavation on the city’s new Metro Line 5, one of the workmen showed him this picture.

The tunnel worker told Maduro that they “were working, and all of a sudden it appeared here … a figure.”

“So just as it appeared, it disappeared, so you can see … that Chavez is everywhere. We are all Chavez,” Maduro added.

A lot of people on the Internet are already slamming Maduro for this “blatant propaganda” and “shameless use of Chavez’s memory” to bolster his own popularity, but I actually believe him. At least, I believe that he believes he’s looking at an image of Chavez’s ghost.

Why? Check out the links above, dear reader. This is the guy who once claimed that Chavez sits at Jesus Christ’s right-hand in heaven, and that he personally advised God to pick Pope Francis as Benedict’s successor. Then there was that one time that he watched Spider-Man 3 until four in the morning because he was just so fascinated by the violence and the pretty colors.

Anyway, here’s the video in which Maduro claims Chavez’s ghost walks among us. Yes, you need to speak Spanish.

[h/t – NY Daily]

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