Man Arrives At Emergency Room With Fruit Knife In Head

A man walked into a Chinese emergency room last week with a large fruit knife embedded in his head. You can see from the picture above that it was quite a sight to behold.

Ho Lung, the man with the knife in his head, walked into Yanji hospital in the Jilin province located in northeast China. When he arrived at the emergency section of the hospital he calmly climbed five flights of stairs due to the fact that the elevator was full when got there.

Staff at the hospital were shocked, not only by the sight of the huge knife protruding from Mr Lung’s head, but also the fact that he walked up all the stairs and was so calm and collected.

In fact, hospital staff were so surprised that they almost didn’t believe Mr Lung and thought the knife in his head might be a prank. When he arrived he simply said to the receptionist on duty, “I need to see a doctor.” You don’t say Mr Lung!

An x-ray was then taken of My Lung’s head which showed that the blade of the long knife had penetrated the man’s skull and entered his brain. Thankfully, the tip of the blade narrowly missed any major blood vessels.

The man was taken to the operating room where surgeons worked for a good three hours to remove the knife. They were able to do this without causing any permanent damage to the brain or any major scarring.

Once the operation was over and Mr Lung was all bandaged up, he asked doctors if he could go home immediately. Doctors felt it was best he stay in hospital so he could be observed.

When he was asked by medical professionals at the hospital how the large fruit knife has ended up embedded in the side of his head Mr Lung said:

“It’s like this, I was playing a silly game with my friend and it went wrong and I ended up with a knife in the head. It was just a silly mistake and it could have happened to anybody.”

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