“Last Night Never Happened” deletes your drunken Facebooking so you don’t have to

Ever posted an embarrassing tweet, check-in or Facebook status update while under the influence of alcohol?

Ambien is actually a notorious offender here (given its tendency to drop your inhibitions while not affecting your speech or grammar), but alcohol is the most common precipitate when it comes to mortifying morning after replies. Whether you’ve checked in at six or seven local hotspots or merely unleashed a series of “WOOOOO!” updates on Facebook, cleaning up the social media mess can be a bit of a chore when hungover. (There is yet no app to scrub the puke from your bedroom carpet.)

Although you can’t make anyone else “unsee” a mortifying status update, sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing to even have to sort through iffy updates when you sober up. A new app in the iTunes store takes care of the deleting for you, scrubbing Facebook and Twitter of all your sobby updates @yourexgirlfriend. Enter the time you started partying, and the app goes to work on deleting without forcing you to relive the night in all its hooch-soaked glory. (Now, if it could prevent tagging by your friends from that night, that would be really cool.)

Once the app has erased the evidence, however, there’s no getting it back. But better safe than the subject of a screenshot on Reddit with over 1,000 upvotes.