Local News Crew Attacked And Maced By Crazed Woman Mid-Report [Video]

This woman really didn’t want to see her neighborhood on the six o’clock news.

Camerawoman Danielle Gill and reporter Bruce Johnson of Washington D.C.’s WUSA9 were standing on a sidewalk outside of a home that had been invaded the night before to do a report.

It was an interesting story. Apparently, the Southeast D.C.home was the venue for a hostage situation in which several people were held overnight after a home invasion. More interesting than the story was what happened as Gill and Johnson prepared to film their report.

A woman appeared in the window above, and shouted repeatedly at the crew to leave. As she berated the film crew with profanities for unknown reasons, Johnson and his team argued that they were standing on a public sidewalk and had every right to film their report.

The woman disappeared from the window, only to re-appear moments later at the front door. She shouted “BYE! BYE! BYE!” over and over at the crew, and shot gouts of mace at them.

She continued to threaten the film crew, and threatened them with violence if they chose to remain.

After spraying her mace, she descended her stoop and attacked the camerawoman and reporter with several punches.

In the studio recap of the incident, Johnson said that the police will likely press charges against the woman, even though the crew decided against it. Johnson said that the unidentified woman was clearly distraught by the film crew’s presence, and theorized that she may have been one of the victims of the previous night’s home invasion.

In light of this possibility, he reasoned, the film crew cut her some slack. Watch the video above.

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