Secret Monopoly Floor Found Under Old Carpet, Redditor Claims

Have you guys seen the secret Monopoly floor one Reddit user reports was found long forgotten under an old carpet?

When we saw the secret Monopoly floor story, we couldn’t help but think of those bittersweet dreams everyone has where they find a really cool hidden room or forgotten pool in their house, only to wake up and be sad it was all just a dream.

And we’ll admit, this Monopoly floor thing almost seems too awesome to be believed. But we want to believe so bad.

According to Reddit user u/Nnewel, what we know so far is this. He (or perhaps she) lives in a house, and that house had a Monopoly floor under a carpet, and no one knew about it. Global thermonuclear jealousy ensued.

We don’t know if Nnewel owns the house or simply rents, though general carpet removal is frowned upon by landlords. (Who must have had some good reason to keep the Monopoly floor a secret.)

It’s also not clear how long Nnewel lived with the Monopoly room or when the distinctive floor was added to the space — or even if the story is accurate how it was stated. It could be a bid for karma, but in a single, subsequent comment, he or she seems stunned by the interest:

“Holy smokes, top of the front page! I’m embarrassingly happy right now… Also, planning a ‘Strip Monopoly Orgy’ so message me if you’re in.”

The original post was link-only, and simply stated, “Pulled up the carpet at the house, and guess what I found!” The image is sweeping Reddit, where it has a stunning 70,000 plus upvotes — Reddit parlance for the currency of “karma,” a user’s accrued standing in the community.

The secret Monopoly floor has sparked a big response, and even the thread’s top comment (and top response.) One user is amused and horrified by a detail on the neat fixture, and says:

“This is a pretty great find. I noticed those prostitutes on the Community Chest spots and then instantly had flashbacks to when I played Monopoly with my family as a kid… when someone landed on Community Chest, my Dad would exclaim ‘Community Chest!’ and grab my mom’s t*ts. That memory had been safely suppressed until just now. Thanks.”

Another quips:

“This is hilarious for everyone except you.”

Check out the Reddit discovery of this secret Monopoly floor in the pic above — is this guy the luckiest tenant or homeowner in the history of moving? What would you do with a find like this?

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