Ladybug Swarms Forming All Over The United States

Ladybugs are swarming all over the United States, crawling into windows, walls, and any other crevasses they can find. According to bug experts they are swarming at such a rapid rate because of cold weather conditions throughout much of the country.

In many areas temperatures dropped so rapidly that the ladybug population did not have time to find warm living conditions after the first frost. Typically after cold weather begins to set in ladybugs will make their way into homes and other structures for the winter months. Since the cold set in so quickly they began to rapidly swarm to get out of the cold.

According to The Bug Man pest control owner Dan Cassidy, “Any insect becomes a pest when it gets in an area where you don’t want them. They look for a good place to go over winter. Our homes and buildings make a good place to do that.”

Ladybugs themselves are not aggressive, however, when they die their shells or bodies become food for roaches and small rodents such as mice and rates. As rodents invade a home they can chew through electrical wiring and cause other health hazards.

Experts note that as the cold weather becomes increasingly worse, the ladybugs will eventually stop swarming so badly and seek out easier shelter to invade.

In the meantime, if you have a bad problem with ladybug swarms you can relay on pesticides and professional extermination services to deal with the issue.

Typically consumers will realize when their is a bad ladybug swarm in their home if the bugs start to appear inside the main part of the house as winter approaches.

Have you ever fallen prey to a ladybug swarm? How did you deal with the pesky bugs when they entered your home for the winter months?

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