U.S. Department Of Defense App Store Is Really A Thing

The U.S. Department of Defense app store is about to become a reality. The department recently awarded a contract to Digital Management, a Maryland-based software firm.

The app store will cost $2.9 million to build and will feature a full “mobile device management system.”

Among the app stores software will be options to streamline paperwork and speed up the airstrike process. The U.S. Department of Defense will also offer translation software, facial-recognition apps and a more advanced Google Maps, among other tools.

In an email to Mashable Alana Johnson, a department spokesperson, said, “Across [the Department of Defense] there is a huge demand for applications. Our mission partners are looking for a solution, which closely resembles the experience and user interface that they have grown accustomed to while using their civilian devices.”

Apps for military personnel have surfaced in the past but have not gained widespread acceptance. The new app store may allow for specialized apps to be submitted and fully vetted in the future.

Only devices owned and managed by the U.S. Department of Defense will have access to the store. Those devices will be fully vetted along with apps to ensure the lowest risk of infiltration possible. The Department of Defense will also enforce specialized safety measures.

The U.S. Department of Defense App store is expected to arrive in July 2014.

If they come out with a specialized military only version of Angry Birds Afghanistan I’m going to be severely disappointed with my inability to download a copy. Here’s to hoping it rolls out important critically important updates faster than Samsung and the Android OS.

Do you think the Defense Department is going to far by creating an app store for military personnel?

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