Little Elm Lockdown: High School Shut Down By Facebook Threat

Little Elm High School was placed on lockdown Wednesday after a Facebook threat forced school officials to lock doors and call police.

The incident happened early in the morning, after a freshman student reportedly made a threat via the social media site, school officials said.

“We got reports that a freshman student who attends Little Elm High School had made threats on social media,” said Little Elm City Manager Matt Mueller. “The school is going to err on the side of caution anytime we have a situation like this.”

During the Little Elm lockdown police searched for the student, who was counted as absent during the school’s first period. They also looked into a report that there was a weapon somewhere in the school.

As police searched for the Facebook threat maker, school officials actually used the site to update concerned families about the status of the lockdown and clear up rumors that there had been gunshots on the campus.

“The school was put in lockdown as a precaution while the student who was involved in the allegation could be located. Under the advisement of the Little Elm Police Department that is currently on site, the school remains in lockdown at this time.”

The Little Elm lockdown was lifted just before noon, officials later announced.

“LEHS ALL CLEAR—Under the direction of LEPD, the lockdown has been lifted. All students and staff have been accounted for at this time. School is open – visitors please report to the front office.”

School officials nationwide are taking seriously threats made on Facebook. Last December a 24-year-old from Pomona, California, threatened to shoot up several elementary schools in Los Angeles, making reference to the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Police found and arrested the suspect, Kyle Bangayan, seizing nine guns from his home.

Police did not say if there was an arrest made after the Little Elm Lockdown.

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