Use Bacon Scented Body Wash This Halloween

Bacon scented body wash for halloween? That’s right. Some people like to cook bacon and eat it. But what if you could smell like bacon this halloween? Now you can take your bacon obsession farther. Don’t just eat bacon or dress like bacon for halloween. Go all out and purchase the delicious smelling meat as a body wash from retailer Archie McPhee. You know you want it.

Why would you want to use bacon scented body wash? That’s the wrong question. Why wouldn’t you want to use bacon scented body wash?! Before, if you were interested in smelling like everyone’s favorite cut of pork, you would have to take a bath in greasy bacon drippings left over from breakfast that morning. But now you can smell like bacon AND get clean. That is what we call a win-win.

The body wash only costs $5 and is part of a line of other fantastic bacon products like a bacon scented mustache, bacon candy, or wonderful bacon toothpaste. There is one word of warning. No matter how wonderful your new body wash smells, we wouldn’t suggest eating it. After all it is still soap. An incredibly intoxicatingly scented soap, but soap nonetheless.

According to the Archie McPhee online store, Bacon Body Wash will have you smelling like bacon in “every nook and cranny”. It will be like “washing with breakfast” and it will “drive dogs crazy.” Sounds like a winner! The only down side is that it only comes in a 5 oz size bottle. One can only hope that they will soon begin selling by the gallon.

If you’re struggling for ideas this Halloween, why not purchase a bacon costume and a bottle of Bacon Body Wash? Then you can go to all the parties and watch as everybody salivates upon your arrival. You will thank me later.

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