‘Glee’ May Move To New York For Remainder Of The Series

Will we be saying goodbye to McKinley High? That might be the case after Glee airs its episodes in November. For weeks following the death of cast member Cory Monteith, creator and head writer, Ryan Murphy, has gone back and forth with executives at FOX to discuss how they can all move the show in a plausible direction that would make sense for all parties.

Last month at the American Horror Story party Ryan Murphy revealed that it was a struggle to move on from Monteith’s death, while trying to rework a show that Monteith’s Finn was very involved in.

“It’s been f—ing hard. It’s hard every day. It’s hard in the writers room, it’s hard on the set,” said Murphy.

Since last year Glee has been split into Lima, Ohio, which follows the new students of McKinley High with old favorites like Artie, Sam, and Finn, who was poised to teach the Glee club. The other half of the show took place in New York, which focused on Rachel, Kurt and Santana post-high school days. Now that Glee has laid Finn to rest, it’s time for a plan. Murphy revealed that he had “a good idea” but couldn’t elaborate on it at the time.

According to TVLine that idea was to scrap the McKinley High storylines, and to switch the focus to New York entirely. This means we’ll be seeing a lot more of Rachel, Kurt, and Santana, which might improve the ratings. Since the split from New York to Ohio, the ratings for Glee have been pretty abysmal, aside from the tribute episode which was aired earlier in October.

The decision to move Glee to New York does fix a great creative divide, but also poses new ones, as it’s unknown whether the original characters like Tina, Sam, Artie, Mr. Schue, and Sue, will join the characters in New York. While surviving characters and arcs seem to be unknown, we do know that Glee won’t move their production to New York even if New York is their main focus. If anything this would allow frequent trips to New York for exterior shots.

We can definitely see lead Lea Michele being on board for this as most of her family is from New York. What do you think of Glee’s possible switch to New York?

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