Six People Killed In Domestic Dispute

Six people were killed in a domestic dispute in Greenwood County, South Carolina. Greenwood County Sheriff Tony Davis said four adults and two children were killed in an apparent murder-suicide on Tuesday night.

The victims’ names were not released. However, authorities said the oldest victim was 50 and the youngest was only 9 years old. All six people, including the suspect, died of gunshot wounds.

As reported by NBC News, the sheriff’s department received a call from the suspect at around 6 pm on Tuesday evening. The man said he was experiencing severe anxiety and was considering harming himself.

Before deputies could respond to the home, they received another call from a neighbor. The neighbor said four children ran from the suspects home as shots were being fired inside.

Sheriff Davis said the scene was initially treated as a hostage situation, but authorities were unable to make contact with anyone inside the home. A SWAT team eventually entered the house and discovered the grisly scene.

Authorities believe the six people were killed as the result of a domestic dispute. As reported by Los Angeles Times, Sheriff Davis was terribly disturbed by the scene:

“It’s sad, it’s horrific… Your heart has to go out to all of the family members and everyone involved… in some point or another we know all these individuals.”

Authorities said the four children who fled the home were guests of the family inside. All four were returned to their parents unharmed.

Although it appears all six victims were shot, the exact causes of death will be determined by the county coroner. A forensic team with the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division will handle the investigation into the tragedy.

All six people killed were reportedly members of the same family. Authorities have not discussed a motive, other than suggesting a domestic dispute.

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