Owen Wilson Just Having A Baby With Married Personal Trainer, Pair Opt Against Relationship


Owen Wilson is just going to have a baby with his personal trainer, Caroline Lindqvist, after the pair decided that they won’t enter into an actual relationship together.

The 41-year-old trainer has been discussing the duo’s decision, revealing that she has come to an agreement with the 44-year-old thespian. It was confirmed earlier this month that Lindqvist was expecting a child with the actor.

Lindqvist has now decided to speak about her pregnancy, revealing that she has never actually been in a relationship with Wilson before, and that they came to their agreement because they both really want to have children.

Speaking to the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet, as part of their Klick! supplement, Caroline stated, “Owen and I decided to have a child even though we’re not in a relationship, either.”

Lindqvist took this opportunity to admit that she is actually further along in her pregnancy than the media had previously believed, with her remarks proving that she is six months pregnant. “Owen and I are two close friends having a baby together,” she commented. “We are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to welcome our child at the end of January.”

She also went on to add that Wilson has never been one of her clients. It was previously believed that Lindqvist had been hired by The Internship comedian as his own trainer.

Lindqvist admitted that they only met each other just after Wilson had separated from his previous beau, Kate Hudson, in 2007 too. It’s thought that Wilson sought solace with Lindqvist after he attempted suicide.

She also stated that Wilson had nothing to do with her recent split from her husband, Dr. Ritu Chopra, who is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, even though the couple filed for divorce just after news of her pregnancy began to circulate.

This will be Owen Wilson’s second child. Jade Duell, Wilson’s ex-girlfriend, gave birth to the couple’s son, Robert Ford Wilson, back in 2011. However, they eventually split up only five months later.

When it was announced that Wilson would be having a child with Lindqvist a source explained that the thespian would be there for her.

They remarked, “Owen is very involved with the pregnancy. He isn’t in a relationship with Caroline, nor do they plan to be in one, but he is very supportive of everything. They see each other and talk often about what they want for the child. Owen is very open-minded about everything and has told Caroline he will do whatever he can.”

[Image via Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]