Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters Have ‘Terrorized’ One In Six Homes [Poll]

Halloween is upon us, meaning that tons of terrifying, costumed children hopped up on candy are about to descend on your doorstep and terrorize your home, ominously chanting “Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”

Sounds a bit over-dramatic, no? But a recent poll shows that one in six households feels exactly that way about Halloween’s door-to-door tradition.

You wouldn’t think that trick-or-treaters would rank up there with Jehovah’s Witnesses and other unwanted door-to-door visitors, but a poll by the parenting site Netmums found that the ring of the doorbell on Halloween really does send a chill down the spines of many folks.

The Daily Star reports that one in 10 homes have actually been attacked and vandalized by teenagers on Halloween, and one in 200 families have actually had to call the police when the scariest day of the year turns a bit too actually scary.

The number of families celebrating Halloween has actually risen in recent years, which is thought to have contributed to the rise in problems Halloween brings with it. Last year, three out of four families earmarked Halloween, but that number has jumped 10 percent this year. About 84 percent of families are planning on observing Halloween in some capacity in 2013.

Of course, trick or treating is the most common way to celebrate. About 56 percent of British children will participate in the tradition.

Other findings from the survey: Nine in 10 families bought a pumpkin, 80 percent plan to dress their kids up for the night, one in five adults will wear a costume, half of parents will buy Halloween-themed food or drink products, and 55 percent will decorate their house in some way.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said the following:

“Children love the drama and dressing up – and a chance to eat sweets and be scary for a day without getting told off. Like it or loathe it, Halloween is the fastest growing festival for families to celebrate.”

Do you think that you’ll be “terrorized” by trick or treaters this year?

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