HTC EVO 3D Stops Bullet, Saves Owner’s Life

The HTC EVO 3D stopped a bullet and saved its owner’s life. A gas station attendant in Orange County, Florida, had gotten involved in an attempted robbery, but he hadn’t known how much until the gunman left and the police arrived on the scene.

The man, who remains nameless, had been shot but hadn’t realized how lucky he was. The spot the bullet struck just happened to be occupied by his Android smartphone, sitting in his shirt pocket. In a way, the phone actually gave its life for him.

The Florida gas station attendant had been complaining about chest pains, most likely from the impact of the bullet, which had struck the screen and become lodged in the battery. The gunman had demanded the contents of the safe and then fired a parting shot from a revolver, probably hoping to eliminate the witness.

The gunman is still believed to be at large.

The HTC EVO 3D stopping a bullet isn’t the first time a smartphone was involved in things like this, with several other models of smartphones pulling the same stunt across the world. Live-saving devices have been reported in Atlanta, Louisiana, and South Africa as well.

We can probably thank the invention of Gorilla Glass for this unintended smartphone function, as it is known to be highly impact resistant. You could take a hammer to your smartphone armed with Gorilla Glass, strike the screen hard, and it might not even register a scratch. We won’t recommend you testing this, as it’s already been demonstrated on various smartphones on YouTube.

If your smartphone can resist being destroyed by a hammer to its screen, then it seems that Gorilla Glass can slow a bullet to the point of being non-lethal.

Police Lieutenant Scott Allen noted about the HTC EVO 3D stopping the bullet, “I’ve seen individuals get shot with low-caliber handguns and I’ve seen it be life ending. So for this gentleman to be as lucky as he is, it’s a good day for us.”

The situation at the Florida gas station could have gone much worse, as the bullet could have struck one of the pumps and caused far more damage. The gunman could have fired at a slightly different angle and killed the man. Originally meant as a way to prevent the display from getting scratched, it looks like Gorilla Glass may just save your life as well.

We would not suggest testing the bullet scenario at home, as it might not work and you could end up in the hospital or worse. Just know that the Gorilla Glass on various smartphones such as the HTC EVO 3D could save your life some day.

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