Florida Gators Football Coach Will Muschamp Seeks First Win Against Georgia At Cocktail Party

Coach Will Muschamp

Florida Gators football coach Will Muschamp can invoke the “just another game” party line all he wants, but we know better.

“I hate to give you the boring answer, but I don’t approach this one any different than the other ones,” the Florida Gators coach said Monday.


Here’s the thing: under Muschamp, the Florida gators are on a two-year slide in the annual Georgia football game, once again to be hosted in Jacksonville, dubbed the “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.” As a Georgia Bulldogs football player, Muschamp went 0-4 against the Florida Gators. Since swapping his football pads for a clipboard and switching sides, the Florida Gators coach still hasn’t gotten one in the win column.

“None of it is fun, but certainly being here at the University of Florida and understanding the importance of this game to us and our people, we need to get a win,” Muschamp said.

With the Florida Gators unranked, 4-3 overall and 3-2 in the SEC, this is not just another football game. It amounts to a must-win for Muschamp. The good news is the Bulldogs are in the exact same situation as his Florida Gators: same record, same conference stats and also on a two-game skid. The reality of the situation is not lost on Muschamp.

“It’s a critical game for us, obviously being a great rival with the University of Florida and a great rivalry game. It’s one of the best college football games, year in, year out, to be a part of. It’s exciting to be a part of it. But there’s no question of where we are in our season,” said the Gators coach.

Muschamp noted in the last two football games against Georgia, the Florida Gators have been minus-four in the turnover battle, leading twice to scores two years ago. The Gators gave up a whopping six turnovers in last year’s game. But, aside from better ball-handling, Muschamp doesn’t see the Florida Gators preparing any differently for this football game.

“We just need to concentrate on us right now. That, to me, has been our message for our football team really the entire season and it is week-in and week-out. I don’t know that this week you need any extra motivation to prepare well.”

What do you think of the Florida Gators football season? Will Muschamp return to coach the Gators? How important is Florida’s game against Georgia?