2009 NFL Draft two years out: Miami Dolphins

I think in the long term we will look at the 2009 Miami Dolphins draft class as yet another failed attempt to use a second round pick to find a replacement for Dan Marino at QB. This team used the 44th overall pick on Pat White, and just two years later White is not on the team and retired from two different sports.

Before we go any further a quick look at the 2009 Dolphins Draft class:

•Round One (25)- Vontae Davis CB
•Round Two (44)- Pat White QB
•Round Two (61)- Sean Smith CB
•Round Three (87)- Patrick Turner WR
•Round Four (108)- Brian Hartline WR
•Round Five (161)- John Nalbone TE
•Round Five (165)- Chris Clemons FS
•Round Six (181)- Andrew Gardner T
•Round Seven (214)- JD Folsom LB

This team did find two starting corners in this draft, and fining two starters in one draft is still pretty good, but by whiffing on Pat White so early on this draft grade will constantly be knocked down. Since they also found a starting Safety in this class despite whiffing on the second round pick overall this was a pretty successful draft.

Granted they did give up over 223 passing yards per game in 2010 and only racked up 11 INT’s, but overall Davis, Smith, and Clemons make up a pretty decent defensive secondary. Finding three starters in any one draft is still a major accomplishment no matter how bad the second round pick was wasted.

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