Karl Lagerfeld Is Sued Over ‘Defamatory’ Remarks About Curvy Women

Karl Lagerfeld sued

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld isn’t exactly known for having too much tact when he speaks. Unfortunately for Lagerfeld, his latest vitriol towards curvy women might see him paying a price. It’s being reported by Business Insider that Karl Lagerfeld’s recent comments about curvy women are landing him in hot water with a French association who fights for the rights of curvy women.

The French association “Pretty, curvy, sexy, and fine with it” has made an official complaint against the designer over comments that he said about no one wanting to see curvy models on the catwalks. The association has filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office, claiming that Lagerfeld’s comments were “defamatory and discriminatory.”

This isn’t the first time that Karl Lagerfeld has been opposed to curvy women. Last year, Lagerfeld was in trouble due to his comments about singer Adele, because he called her “a little too fat.” His comments on Adele brought huge attention to his discriminatory statements about curvy women, and has thus received criticism.

Now, Lagerfeld is being brought up to task due to the content in his recently published book. In his book The world according to Karl, he writes, No one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk.” Although the book is a collection of his famous quotes, Karl repeated this sentiment recently on television earlier on in the month.

During a television appearance, Karl commented on France’s healthcare system having said, “All the illnesses contracted by people who are too fat. It’s the fat women sitting in front of televisions with their pack of crisps who say slim models are hideous.”

Betty Aubriere, the president of “Pretty, curvy, sexy, and fine with it” has had enough of Karl Lagerfeld, telling the AFP, “We’re fed up. Many young girls are insecure and hearing such comments is terrible for them. Today it’s him who insults us and tomorrow who will it be?”

Do you think Karl Lagerfeld has gone too far with his comments about curvy women?