Big Show Crashes Randy Orton's Party On WWE's Monday Night Raw [VIDEO]

The Big Show came to RAW this Monday night and interrupted the coronation of Randy Orton after his controversial win at the Hell in a Cell pay-per view this past weekend. While Big Show was absent at the event at American Airlines Arena in Miami but his presence was felt as RAW went off the air.

So, as WWE faithful will already know, Big Show has been feuding with HHH and Stephanie McMahon since his return in mid-August. After speaking out against the WWE Brass, Big Show found himself humiliated and assaulted on multiple occasions, from being jumped by The Shield to HHH buying out the mortgage on his home. Additionally, Big Show was turned into their personal KO weapon, knocking out friend Daniel Bryan, the Miz and WWE hall-of-famer Dusty Rhodes. Come Battleground, Big Show had had enough and ruined the main event by knocking out Bryan and Orton in the WWE title match. The following RAW, Stephanie slapped Big Show and fired him. He returned later that night to KO HHH. The next week, he cost The Shield the tag titles. Big Show has since sued HHH and Stephanie, who'd filed a restraining order against him to prevent him from interfering at Hell In A Cell.

Fast forward to October 28th's Monday Night RAW. In the wake of Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton—previous victim of a jobber's punch to the groin—is the new WWE champion, after HBK Shawn Michaels screwed Daniel Bryan during their match at the PPV. HBK tried to make nice with his former protege but received a Yes Lock for his troubles.

As Renee Young was about to interview him, Bryan was attacked backstage by the Wyatt Family. Their actions had no explanation, but who knows why these guys do anything? The result is Bryan was taken to an Orlando hospital and could play no part in the Main Event, which was to be a glorified Orton celebration to establish order and show the locker room who the boss is.

The Big Show had other plans.

His music hit as Orton was berating the rest of the locker room and the Big Show charged out from the back, determined to rain on the Authority's parade. Enter The Shield, who grounded show until the rest of the roster took care of them, leaving Big Show to enter the ring. Orton hit him with the WWE title belt but RAW went off the air with the Big Show standing in the middle of the ring, taunting HHH after delivering the KO punch to Orton.

What do you think of the Big Show's current story line? Should Big Show get a title shot? What's next for Big Show's character?