Derrick Rose, LeBron James Talk Rivalry Before NBA Opener

lebron james

Before the NBA season officially opens tonight the Miami Heat will be honored during a presentation of their championship rings. After that, the Heat will attempt to prove that they are the team to beat. Of course, Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls will by trying to send the same message.

Rose will return to the court tonight for the first time in over a season. The Bulls have been physical with the Heat over the last two years and the two teams have developed a mutual hatred. The Sun Sentinel reports that the Heat actually trained with football pads this week to prepare for the Bulls physical defense in the paint.

James said: “We don’t like them and they don’t like us.”

Rose agreed, to an extent, saying that the Bulls are out for a championship and that they don’t like anyone standing in their way.

Rose said: “It leads to this where it feels like you hate one another… but you’re just trying to get the same thing.”

Wade added:”We’re both trying to do something, trying to win [a championship]… You’re going to run into each other along the way and you’re going to dislike each other. They want to beat us as badly as we want to beat them.”

Tonight’s game is only one of 82 but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be intense. Both teams will be coming out tonight with something to prove. The Bulls want to show that they are a new team with Derrick Rose back on the floor and the Heat want to show that they are the better team regardless of who they are facing.

Chris Bosh said: “We have a special little thing with those guys… The fans want to see it. We want to play them and they want us, too. So it’ll be good.”