‘Entourage’ Movie Confirmed By Jeremy Piven

Vinnie Chase and his Entourage are getting together again. Doug Ellin, the creator of the HBO show, and Jeremy Piven, who stars as Ari Gold, confirmed that the Entourage movie was “a go” today on Twitter.

Ellin writes: “It’s a go. Love you all.”

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the new movie was delayed due to contract negotiations between the show’s stars. Adrian Grenier, Jesse Ferrara, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jeremy Piven have all reportedly signed on to star in the new movie.

The news comes after actor Mark Wahlberg criticized some of the cast members for being greedy. Grenier released a response saying that he wasn’t holding out due to money.

Grenier said: “Making movies is hard. It’s going to take some time. I know you’re anxious. I am too… The spirit of Entourage is about sharing the opportunities given to us and I will sign a deal that gives ALL the boys an opportunity to share in the upside of success EQUALLY.”

Jeremy Piven was also resistant to the idea of returning to the role of Ari Gold.

THR reports that Piven secured his deal early and was able to get a generous contract. The studio wasn’t initially willing to give Grenier and the rest of the cast similar deals but it looks like everyone is now on board.

The Entourage movie is expected to start production in January. A release schedule has not been pinned down yet.

Are you excited to see Vince, Turtle, Drama and E reunite for the new movie?