Gordon Ramsay Attempts Sushi, Feels Awkward [Video]

Gordon Ramsay attempted sushi for the first time after a successful run with Hell’s Kitchen. The celebrity chef is known for his scathing remarks for chefs everywhere. If it isn’t done perfectly, he will make you feel like you’ve never seen the inside of a kitchen.

The man has spent 21 years learning the art of making the perfect dish, so celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay probably knows better than you how your dish should be done. However, in order to round out his expertise, he has taken on a challenge that he admits makes him feel like a beginner all over again. Thankfully the chefs at Aaya weren’t as brutal as he can be, because his first attempt known as the dragon roll took almost seven times too long.

Some remarks Gordon Ramsay’s first attempt at sushi could have earned, had the chefs at Aaya been as brutal as he is, might have included:

“That sushi is so old it’s surprising I haven’t dug it up in fossil form.

“You call that sushi making? I could have ordered a meal at McDonald’s in less time.

“If it took you any longer to make that sushi, I could have given the dry rice back to Uncle Ben.”

Anyway, the first thing Gordon Ramsay had to learn was washing the rice to make it sticky and soft. The chefs at Aaya told him they’d all been washing rice for years before they even started in the kitchen. Gordon Ramsey quipped about how long one cook had been at it, “Was he a naughty boy?”

Gordon Ramsay of 'Hell's Kitchen' attempts dragon roll sushi
Gordon Ramsay of 'Hell's Kitchen' attempts dragon roll sushi

Next they tell Gordon Ramsay to watch his trainer carefully and copy his every move, explaining that it has to be done in two minutes, which he says straight out is impossible. Indeed it is difficult for the celebrity chef, as it takes him 13 minutes to make the dragon roll.

Gordon Ramsay’s attempt at sushi leads him to remark that the process is very precise with every movement and it’s like a military fashion. Cutting everything and laying it out is very time consuming if you’re just starting out, and these cooks have been at it for so long it’s second nature.

As Gordon Ramsay’s trainer moves on to the eel, the celebrity chef is still struggling with laying out the rice, as he finds it sticks to his hands a lot. Everything about his first attempt at sushi made Gordon Ramsay feel “for the first time in my 21 years in the kitchen, I’m out of my depth.”

It seems Hell’s Kitchen‘s Gordon Ramsay has met his match.

[image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com, camemberu.com]