Man Gets High, Cooks Bible, Trashes Home, Blames It All On ‘Homosexual Demon’

Oklahoma City, OK – You will not believe what a “homosexual demon” allegedly put 22-year-old Jeremy Jarnell Anderson through last week.

The Oklahoma City man trashed his apartment, set his Bible on fire, ripped a door off its hinges, poured salt and soap all over his body, did something to injure his hands and face covering them with blood, and a bunch of other weird stuff, according to KFOR-TV.

Oklahoma City police responded to his apartment Wednesday after they received reports of a “person going ballistic.” That’s putting it mildly.

When they showed up, they found Anderson covered in blood and screaming random things from the front porch. An officer said that he was “clearly out of touch with reality.”

He apparently started throwing glass objects and furniture from the apartment through the door and broken windows. The officers tried to reason with Anderson, but that didn’t work. They eventually pulled out the tazers in an effort to bring Anderson’s Satanic spring cleaning spree to an end, but he merely tore the leads from his skin and proclaimed that the tazer would not work on him.

He challenged the officers to put down their weapons so that he could “fist fight them.”

They chased him into the apartment which was thick with smoke from a small fire Anderson had set near the stove. After tazing him a few more times, they managed to subdue him.

They found that the walls and floor were covered in blood, bleach and other “substances.”

At the hospital, Anderson denied doing anything wrong and said that he was merely remodeling. He also said that he probably should be on medication.

He also admitted that the fire in his kitchen was caused by his attempt to cook the Bible, claiming to be a “Satanist.”

He said that he had met a “possessed homosexual demon” who wanted drugs from him in exchange for sexual acts. Anderson said that he “wasn’t gay, just high,” and that when he sobered up he couldn’t believe that he had let the homosexual demon perform sex acts on him.

He also admitted that if he’d had a gun, he would have killed his neighbors and the officers who came after him.

Anderson is being held at the Oklahoma County jail on first-degree arson charges, though other charges could follow. The “homosexual demon” who performed sex acts on him is still at large. Here’s his mug, in which he appears to be more confused than you:

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