Texas Cop Gets Shot In The Face, Chases Down Suspects Anyway [Video]

Stafford, TX – Criminal suspects shot Sgt. Ann Marie Carrizales twice (once in the face) to slow her down, but all they did was make her angry.

Carrizales has many plaudits on her record including former marine, amateur boxer, mother of two, and onetime Police Officer of the Year. Now she can add “chased down perps despite being shot in the face” to her impressive resume. She was released from the hospital today after she was shot in the face and chest at a routine traffic stop.

She hopped back into her cruiser and chased the shooter’s car as it raced toward Houston, more than 20 miles away.

Though her colleagues admit that she is “one tough officer,” they said that she is alive today primarily because of her bulletproof vest.

“Without any doubt, her ballistic vest saved her life, she was very fortunate,” Stafford Police Lieutenant Dustin Claborn told KHOU-TV. “It’s an excellent example of why a vest should be worn at all times.”

The car that she pulled over contained at least one dangerous gang member who is reportedly in the country illegally and with extensive priors, reports Opposing Views. While Carrizales was speaking to the driver, one of the passengers opened fire.

As the vehicle sped away, Carrizales (remember, having been shot in the face) pulled out her service pistol and fired at the fleeing vehicle, blowing out the rear windshield. She then got back into her car and gave chase.

“She was calm. She relayed that shots were fired. She continued to call her pursuit into Houston,” Claborn said.

Houston police responded and the car was stopped. The alleged shooter was taken into custody, but two of the other suspects fled on foot and have not been captured.

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