Ohio State Marching Band Stuns With Movie Theme [Video]

Ohio State Marching Band - Movie Themes

The Ohio State Marching band has been taking the art of playing music while walking to a whole new level. Typically I skip over the half-time festivities of college football and grab a snack. However, last week the group performed an amazing Michael Jackson moonwalk and this week they thrilled football fans with a movie themes halftime show.

From Superman to Harry Potter the guys and girls of the Ohio State Marching band impressed the crowd and even got many fans up on their feet.

The Ohio State marching band isn’t exactly modest, calling itself the “best damn band in the land.”

Watch the entire video and notice how flawless the bands choreography really is. Not only do they have to remember several different theme song marches, they actually have animated parts that must go together flawlessly in order to look just right.

The Ohio State Marching band video was posted to YouTube on October 26 and has already racked up 2.778 million views. The video has 26,289 upvotes and only 890 downvotes.

There’s only one problem with the groups achievements over the last couple of weeks — they just keep getting better. It will be quite the let down if the guys and girls of the Ohio State Marching band don’t continually improve on their performances leading up to a college bowl appearance.

As a side note, it must really suck being on the Ohio State Football team, even when you are winning games there are millions of people who just can’t wait to see the marching band play.

Watch the Ohio State Marching band video (above) and share your thoughts about their performance in our comments section.