Tony Romo's 3 TD Passes Not Enough For Dallas Cowboys Against Detroit Lions' Wily Stafford

Dallas Cowboys QB gets a lot of grief. Romo is maligned by fans for late-season collapses. Now Romo has to deal with flak from WR Dez Bryant.

In a much-discussed sideline spat, Romo was on the receiving end of a Bryant tantrum during the Cowboys 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions. Tony wasn't alone, however, as Bryant got in TE Jason Witten's face as well.

Tony Romo threw for three TDs in Sunday's loss, and Dallas also scored with three FGs. That just wasn't enough against crafty Lions QB Matt Stafford, who shocked the football world with a sneaky touchdown run after an 80-yard drive, down 30-24 with just :50 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Looking ready to spike the ball on the Dallas 1-yard line, Stafford instead caught the Cowboys defense—and his own offensive line—by surprise by leaping across the goal line for the 9th rushing touchdown of his career.

It was a heartbreaker for Tony Romo—who signed a 6-year extension in March—and the Dallas Cowboys, who fell to.500 on the year but remained atop the NFC East. Romo's 3 TD passes, 206 passing yards and 6 rushing yards were good for 20.8 fantasy points. On the Bryant blow-up, Tony was unwilling to give it any more heat than the media already had.

"He's a competitive guy," Romo said Sunday via the Dallas Morning News. "He's never complained to me about getting the ball. He knows the ball is going to where it's supposed to. He knows that. I think more than anything it's about him willing the team."

"When you guys see emotion sometimes from Dez, it's just rah rah more than it is being a 'me guy.' That's not who Dez is," Romo added.

For his own part, Bryant explained the sideline sideshow with Romo and Witten as simply his passion. Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post says the Tony Romo-led Cowboys "need Dez Bryant's passion."

"It was about time someone on the Cowboys showed some emotion and pushback."

What do you think about Tony Romo's performance Sunday? Can Tony Romo take Dallas to the playoffs? What do you think of the Dez Bryant-Tony Romo spat?