Lebron James Stars In New Nike Commercial ‘Training Day’ [VIDEO]

Lebron James stars in a new Nike commercial showing off the city of Miami. The commercial also has everyone talking about John Legend’s song, My Shoes, which was made just for this commercial.

The Nike commercial features Lebron James biking, running, and swimming his way through Miami. The star is joined throughout the video by what appear to be local admirers wanting to train with Lebron. He also stops for a quick basketball training session at American Airlines Arena and a pick up basketball game at a local park. It also features Lebron’s famous receding hairline.

James told The Associated Press on Sunday:

“So much fun, man. The message is obvious. I want people to feel like they’re at one with me and I had a lot of fun, shooting it all over Miami and to have all those kids, it was great.”

Of course the video is not all about fun. It is also about selling shoes. The commercial goes alongside of the release of the Lebron 11 and the start of the 2013 NBA season. Lebron’s Miami Heat open up the season on Tuesday night against Chicago where Lebron is excited about squaring off against Derek Rose, who is returning from a knee injury.


The John Legend song, My Shoes, is not available for purchase anywhere yet. But it adds a very Rocky like feel to the video being dubbed by Nike as ‘Training Day’. Lebron even gives away a pair of ‘his shoes’ to the guys he plays pick up ball with. The tagline for the commercial from Nike is, “behind every champion, there are champions.”

The Miami Heat are hoping that the Nike commercial is more than just great advertising for Lebron’s shoes. They are looking to become the first franchise to three-peat as NBA World Champions since Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers in the early 2000’s.