Ke$ha Isn’t Allowed To Perform In Malaysia

Malaysian authorities recently canceled a concert by pop star Ke$ha. Although the singer planned to perform in the country this weekend, authorities ultimately pulled the proverbial plug on the gig at the last second.

Although specifics behind the cancellation are few and far between, the country’s Ministry of Communications and Multimedia rejected the singer’s performance application. Authorities reportedly felt that Ke$ha and her music would ultimately “hurt cultural and religious sensitivities.” In other words, she’s too a little too freaky for Malaysia.

According to Rolling Stone, concert promoter Livescape lost upwards of $350,000 after the concert’s cancellation. However, the singer and her handlers are working hard to reschedule the performance.

Livescape said in a recent statement:

“Livescape would also like to go on record to applaud and thank Ke$ha and her team for working closely with us and having agreed to modify the show to suit the Malaysian culture and sensitivities including having made adjustments to her song lyrics, wardrobe changes, and a set list that was modified to specifically adhere to the guidelines set forth by the authorities.”

The Associated Press reports that the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia didn’t elaborate on why the Ke$ha concert was recently canceled. Given the singer’s penchant for controversy here in the United States, chances are authorities didn’t want to take any chances with the lyrical content of her tunes.

When news of the cancellation first broke, many fans thought Ke$ha was responsible for backing out of the gig. However, the singer soon cleared up this rumor with a message to her followers on Twitter. Check out the tweets below.

She also offered up this bit of unrelated advice.

Although Ke$ha seems willing to work with authorities, it’s unclear when or if the concert will be rescheduled. Considering she wants to alter some of her lyrics and tone down the controversial behavior, it only seems fair that officials should give the singer another shot.

Are you a fan of Ke$ha? Were you surprised that the singer was recently banned from performing a concert in Malaysia?

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