Robin Thicke Often Has Sex To His Own Music

Robin Thicke recently admitted that he often has sex to his own music. If you felt a tremor in the earth, that’s the entire planet shuddering in mild disgust.

The “Blurred Lines” singer isn’t afraid to share extremely personal details about his love life with anyone who’s brave enough to ask. During his recent interview with Elle magazine, Robin Thicke shared what many might describe as a little too much information about his bedroom shenanigans.

The singer and his wife Paula Patton started their relationship at the tender age of 14. Despite spending all of those years together, Robin Thicke said they have absolutely no trouble keeping their romance spicy. Sometimes this involves Patton pretending to be one of his hardcore fans.

“In fact, she likes to do it more than ever now. Sometimes she’ll even play groupie for me,” he told the magazine. “We’re pretty sure we’ve loved each other for a few lives. I like to take her out to a fancy, six-course meal that lasts three hours and stare into her eyes. Of course it’s a little schmaltzy. There’s nothing women love more than an effort.”

Proving that absolutely no topic is off-limits during an interview, Robin Thicke also compared his penis size to that of his three-year-old son. Feel free to make of that what you will.

The singer also spent some time discussing the advice his father Alan Thicke gave him as a teenager. When it comes to playing it smooth, the Growing Pains star warned his son about eyeballing a gorgeous lady when there’s other attractive women in the vicinity.

Robin Thicke told Elle:

“He was always very intuitive. And very smooth. He didn’t really tell me what to do. We were on vacation and some pretty girl walked by. I started ogling her like a 12-year-old boy, and he said,’I know she’s pretty, but you stared at her and followed her across the room. What if there’s a prettier girl sitting two tables away? Now she’s not going to feel special. She’ll say, ‘You look at all the girls like that.’ You’ve gotta play it cool so you don’t look like you’re desperate.”

If you’re interested in learning even more private information about the “Blurred Lines” singer and Paula Patton, then be sure to pick up the November issue of Elle magazine. Chances are the singer will leave very little to the imagination.

What do you think about Robin Thicke having sex to his own music?

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