Robin Thicke Compares Penis Size To His Toddlers

It seems with every new Robin Thicke interview, out emerges a quote that makes the Blurred Lines R&B singer more revolting than the last. Whether he’s comparing his marriage to “John and Yoko” or throwing Miley Cyrus under the bus, being a fan of Robin Thicke has been hard this year.

During a recent interview with Elle magazine, Robin Thicke outdid himself with asinine quotes that came out of his candid feature. True gems seemed to effortlessly fly out of his mouth. When asked about the questionable sign advertising his endowment in one of his music videos Thicke goes on to compare the size of his penis to his son’s penis. His son is three years old. That’s a toddler ladies and gentlemen.

It’s easy to throw Robin Thicke a bone. His father Alan Thicke was a big player during Robin’s adolescence, which he details to Elle‘s journalist. Of his dad’s love life he said:

“My dad was single my whole pubescent period. [Laughs] He had Ms. Alabama, Ms. Dominican Republic—every week. I was like, Dang, Pops. “

Oh wait. Did Robin Thicke just identify women by their miss universe titles? Maybe we shouldn’t give him that bone after all.

Thicke continues to explain his unique relationship with his father, and the advice he gave Robin about treating women. Basically don’t stare at a pretty girl because an even prettier girl who is more demanding of your attention is sitting closer. Robin puts this advice in his own words:

“He was always very intuitive. And very smooth. He didn’t really tell me what to do. We were on vacation and some pretty girl walked by. I started ogling her like a 12-year-old boy, and he said, “I know she’s pretty, but you stared at her and followed her across the room. What if there’s a prettier girl sitting two tables away? Now she’s not going to feel special. She’ll say, ‘You look at all the girls like that.’ You’ve gotta play it cool so you don’t look like you’re desperate.”

Thankfully for women everywhere Robin Thicke has been with his wife Paula Patton since they were fourteen years old.

What do you think of Robin Thicke’s candid sound bites?

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