Halloween Horror Nights Cancels ‘Bill And Ted’ Show

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando has canceled the Bill and Ted show over anti-gay and other offensive humor. Apparently enough people have been put off that the theme park decided to discontinue the show inspired by the 1989 film starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.

Apparently the scariest part of the Bill and Ted show at Universal Studios in Orlando was how many gay and stereotype jokes there were alongside a reference to rape. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of other shows to catch, such as Cabin in the Woods, The Walking Dead, and video game favorite Silent Hill.

The intention behind Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was initially meant to lampoon all areas of pop culture, but a few scenes in the show had gone too far. At one point in the show, Wreck-It Ralph shows up and beats Amanda Bynes and Nicki Minaj impersonators unconscious before picking up Nicki Minaj, putting her over his shoulder, and hauling her off. As he walks off the stage with her, he points to her hindside and brags, “I’m gonna wreck it.”

The Halloween Horror Nights show also had a scene which was considered so offensive that clips of it were pulled from YouTube, where Superman was sprinkled with fairy dust and turned gay.

Other objects of lampoon apparently contained racist and stereotypical jokes that several other groups found offensive. It’s a good thing it was called Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure and not Scary Movie, since the directors behind it can get a lot worse than that.

“[Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure] appears during Halloween Horror Nights in limited run and is specifically intended to be shocking and satirical in tone, focusing on adult themes. The show lampoons across all areas of our culture and it was not our intention to offend or upset anyone. We know there are a range of opinions on this issue and we will respect them as we consistently review and refine the show’s content. ”

A spokesperson for Universal Studios in Orlando stated on Monday:

Wilson Cruz, GLAAD spokesperson, added about the canceled Halloween Horror Nights show, “[NBC Universal] has taken quick and strong action regarding this matter and also started a productive dialogue around future [Bill and Ted show] programming to ensure that all park visitors can have an enjoyable experience. This decision falls in line with [NBC Universal]’s history of including groundbreaking and positive depictions of LGBT people across its brands.”

What do you think of Halloween Horror Nights canceling the Bill and Ted show at Universal Studios in Orlando?

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