JFK Airport: Man Arrested Carrying Loaded Rifle And Live Ammo

JFK Airport stopped a Tennessee man today, when hand guns, rifles and live ammunition were found in a bag he was carrying at New York’s International Airport.

Police say Kennean Draughon arrived at JFK Airport carrying luggage which contained at least one loaded defaced rifle as well as extra magazines.

The man was trying to board a fight to Charlotte N.C., when Port Authority officers from New York and New Jersey police uncovered the weapons. Joseph Pentangelo, a police spokesman, said Draughan also had high-capacity magazines which are illegal in New York.

The rules according to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration only allow unloaded weapons to be checked in. What makes the situation more bizarre is that the rifles found had defaced serial numbers, suggesting some kind of foul play.

The 23-year-old man was arrested by airport police and is being held on six counts of criminal possession of a weapon. At the time of writing the suspect had not employed the services of a lawyer.

It remains to be seen why the man was carrying the weapons and indeed why one of the rifles was loaded and both of the rifles had defaced serial numbers.

The incident at JFK Airport didn’t affect flights and no delays were reported.

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