Three Women In Diner Assault Earn Jail Time

Three women in a diner assault in Pennsylvania have earned time in jail. The three women had used a combination of an aluminum baseball bat and boiling alfredo sauce as weapons, creating a major disturbance at Cee Tee’s Diner on Friday just before 2pm.

According to the report, Tori Thomas had gone to the diner at that time to demand money from Andrew Herron to support their child. Allegedly, Andrew Herron refused to give her anything and she left.

Half an hour later, Tori Thomas returned to the diner with Summer Thomas and Amanda Terry. Tori, 25, was carrying an aluminum baseball bat and an agenda.

It is unknown whether the other victims were involved in the child support allegations, but two others were known to be injured in the attack.

Justin Schrader was right outside the diner as Tori Thomas stuck him with the baseball bat in his right arm. Again, his involvement is unknown beyond being struck with the weapon, and the extent of his injury is yet unknown.

The three women in the diner assault had only begun their wild attacks at that point, as Tori Thomas proceeded inside Cee Tee’s Diner. She began swinging the aluminum baseball bat wildly at employees as she went into the kitchen. Speculation suggests at this point that Andrew Herron, the man she had demanded money from, was working in the diner, possibly as a cook. Even so, the attack seemed to be aimed at anyone who happened to be working there.

An employee had Tori Thomas subdued, said police, when her friends Summer Thomas, 25, and Amanda Terry, 24, began attacking the employee. Tori Thomas had dropped the aluminum baseball bat and then picked up a metal container filled with boiling hot alfredo sauce. She threw it at Carla Smith, 46, who may have been the one who subdued her. It isn’t clear who the employee was, but Carla Smith was named as the second one to be attacked.

Carla Smith had suffered burns all over her upper body and was taken by ambulance to the burn unit in Pittsburgh’s UPMC-Mercy hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Tori Thomas, Summer Thomas, and Amanda Terry were all arrested and taken to Washington County Jail. Tori Thomas was given a $25,000 bond, while her friends were each given a $10,000 bond. Police said the three women in the diner assault will be given a preliminary hearing on November 11.

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