World’s Tallest Dog: Owner ‘Overwhelmed’ At Death Of ‘Giant George’

The world’s tallest dog, Great Dane “Giant George” has died just one month before his eighth birthday.

His owners, Dave and Christine Nasser from Tuscon, Arizona, who bought him when he was just a puppy said about him: “He was the outcast of the litter. He was off to the side, not playing with the others.”

As well as earning himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the world’s tallest dog, George was also a very faithful and loving family dog for the Nassers, who were grief-stricken when he passed away:

“The day that we put up on Facebook that he had passed away, we got 13,000 comments. They were all so amazingly nice. I just sat there, and it was so emotional. It helped, but it made me sad too,” Said Dave Nasser.

When Christine chose George’s name for him she said to her husband at the time: “a dog this size needs a person’s name.” From that day onwards Giant George became part of the family.

Dave joked about George, reminiscing: “His tail — one time he put a dent in the drywall just by wagging it. Yet he was also delicate and gentle. The kids could be around and you were never worried,” he said.

At the time of his death the world’s tallest dog stood at a staggering three feet and seven inches (110 cm). The Nassers said that Giant George was a warm canine always wanting to be close to his family:

“Danes do not do well separated from their families. They want to hang out, be with you, spend time with you, be part of the family. They just want to feel included in everything.”

Following George’s death, Dave decided to organize a ‘National Giant George Service Day’ which is due to take place on November 17. He said that on George’s memorial day his fans are encouraged to donate money or volunteer for animal charities.

You can add to the well wishers and offer your condolences to the Nassers, owners of the world’s tallest dog, in the comments feed below.

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