Danvers Homicide: Teacher Was Murdered With Box Cutters In School Bathroom

As the horrific details emerge of the Danvers homicide, in which 24-year-old math teacher Colleen Ritzer was killed, a grief-stricken community asks itself, why?

The boy suspected of murdering her was one of Ritzer’s students – 14-year-old Philip Chism. He was arrested by police and charged with the Danvers homicide of Collen Ritzer.

Following interviews with the boy, he told the police of his antics on the day the Danvers homicide occurred. He told them that he had killed his math teacher in the bathroom on the school premises with a box cutter which he had brought to school.

He then cleaned up the blood, placed Ritzer in a recycling bin, and wheeled her body into the woods where he dumped her. After that he went out to a fast-food restaurant and then caught a movie on his way home.

When he went to the woods, about 30 feet away from the school, he left her in some leaves but didn’t bury or cover her. The bin which police believe he used to transport her body, was found pushed off an embankment about 100 feet away.

Chism then changed his clothes and went to a Wendy’s restaurant, according to CNN. Another source said he then went to the movies. The most puzzling thing for the police and indeed everyone who knew Colleen is the motive behind the killing.

The Essex County District Attorney’s office confirmed that Chism was a student in one of Colleen Ritzer’s classes. His family and friends say he is reserved and well-behaved.

Many students at the school where the Danvers Homicide took place have been badly traumatized by the murder. Chris Weimert said to reporters:

“It’s just surreal how quickly someone can go, and how much we take for granted every day. she was the nicest teacher you could ever have,” he said. “I can’t believe it,” he said.

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