August 24, 2017
'Batman Vs Superman' Batmobile Could Be A Cadillac

Batman Vs Superman's Batmobile could be a Cadillac. As always when a new actor steps into the cape and cowl, the car gets a makeover as well.

It's going to be difficult to outdo Christopher Nolan's take on Batman, though Zack Snyder believes that Ben Affleck will pull it off. The announcement that Ben Affleck was taking over from the role Christian Bale left behind was a shock to nearly everybody, even if some in Hollywood such as Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner felt he was perfect for the role.

Keep in mind that Batman Vs Superman is being done by the director behind Man of Steel, a film which met with mixed reviews across the board. Some said it was the best one ever made, while others criticized its confusing storytelling and almost throwaway ending. Henry Cavill's turn as Superman apparently did well enough to earn a sequel, though.

Adding Ben Affleck as Batman was definitely enough to raise awareness of the upcoming film and get audiences ready to see what happens, even if it ends up a train wreck.

The Batmobile in Batman Vs Superman may be a more low-key symbol of luxury, bringing back the simplicity of the Adam West era, where all it had to be was a car with a few gadgets. The most complex the Batmobile has ever been was Christopher Nolan's take, which had the iconic vehicle take on a more military appearance and occasionally shed layers to become other things.

It's difficult to get the Batmobile right and stay within the realm of realism, no question.

The entire idea behind the new reboot to the DC universe films was to add up to a Justice League movie in the future, mirroring what Marvel did with The Avengers, and so far it looks like they're off to a rocky start. DC Comics movies have always had problems with a shaky reception, and the versions of Superman and Batman that had the most sequels showed us that it's easy to run out of luck with the characters. Ben Affleck has only renewed our overall lack of faith in a DC character movie sequel.

Sources from Batman-On-Film have stated what to expect from the Batman Vs Superman Batmobile:

"The Batmobile is currently being designed and built by General Motors at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood. This is the same team who most recently designed and built the vehicles for Transformers 4 with Michael Bay. … When I remarked to my source that the Cadillac Sixteen concept car from a few years back looked a lot like a Batmobile, he stayed mum."
Official images of the Batman Vs Superman Batmobile and production on the film won't begin until 2014. Would it bother you if the Batmobile was a Cadillac?