Felicity Huffman Flashes Her Boobs On ‘Acting Disruptive,’ But It’s For A Good Cause

As Felicity Huffman flashes her boobs on the set of Acting Disruptive, some people might be wondering what would make her do such a thing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Felicity Huffman joined the cast of the Big Game recently, joining stars like Samuel L. Jackson.

The TV show Acting Disruptive is advertised as taking “viewers inside the businesses and passion projects of Hollywood’s top celebrities. This 12 part original series follows host Max Lugavere as he sits down with notable stars and goes behind the scenes of each business, giving fans an all-access look into these innovative companies and the famous faces behind them.”

The latest episode features Felicity Huffman flashing Max Lugavere but it’s not like she did it to be perverse. The episode focuses on the website business of Felicity Huffman called WhatTheFlicka.com.

As part of this discussion, she brings up motherhood and parenting in an open manner. She apparent apparently joins other moms at a “Mommy & Me” yoga studio on a regular basis.

And that’s when Felicity Huffman brings up breast feeding. The Desperate Housewives actress is even willing to show what three years of breastfeeding did to her boobs.


So, technically, Felicity Huffman flashing Max was for a good cause. Science has proven breast feeding to be the best option for the child. But breast feeding can be tricky to learn and American society is not very supportive of it.

Felicity Huffman Flashes Her Boobs On 'Acting Disruptive,' But It's For A Good Cause

Still, for Felicity Huffman breasts can be funny, as well: