California Condor Cam Goes Live

The California condor cam is now online. The live webcam provides spectators a rare view into the lives of the endangered birds. Scientists will use the footage to monitor the condors for medical problems and injury.

In 1987, the majestic scavengers were nearly extinct. Only 26 California condors remained, and they were all living in captivity. Over the next 25 years, conservation efforts helped increase the population. There are now approximately 231 condors surviving in the wild.

As reported by Mother Nature Network, the live camera was placed in a remote section of Big Sur, California. The camera can be zoomed in close enough to read the birds’ identification tags. Biologists will record the condors’ individual activity, behavior, and health, to assist in conservation efforts.

The solar-powered camera will focus on several areas of interest including a rock pool, a pen where birds are captured and released, and a feeding area. Throughout the day, biologists will change the view to include the most active areas.

The California condor cam will most often display an area where the scavengers are fed. Scientists regularly stock the feeding area with stillborn domestic calves. The feeding area is important as a majority of the flock can be viewed together. The carcasses also allow viewing of other scavengers, including the Golden Eagle.

The project is sponsored by the Ventana Wildlife Society. Founded in 1977, the organization is responsible for the conservation of California condors and Bald Eagles. Their efforts have resulted in the reintroduction of both endangered species into the wild.

The organization’s conservation efforts include education, awareness, habitat preservation, medical care, observation, and tagging. Their “mission is to conserve native wildlife and their habitats.”

The images are entertaining and educational for many viewers. However, for the biologists they are vital in the quest for conservation.

Watch the California condor cam: Here

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