iPad Air Has Made An Enemy Out Of Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is usually Apple, Inc.'s biggest champion. Even though he helped found the company he still waits in line to buy iPad's and iPhone's with fellow Apple fans. However, the Apple iPad Air has left him turning away from the company's tablet line.

So why is Wozniak mad at the thinner, newer device? It turns out he doesn't have broadband internet service at home.

It might shock some readers to realize that Wozniak doesn't have broadband internet at some locations, but that isn't the real issue, it's the fact that he isn't happy with Apple -- never a good sign.

Speaking at the Apps World event in London he told a packed audience, "Yes it's thinner, but I wanted storage." Wozniak then added, "I don't have broadband at home, so I carry all my personal media in the iPad. So I was hoping Apple has a 256GB iPad."

Before the gadget reached the open market Wozniak told his wife to stay away from the iPad Air in terms of a new gift. He sent an email and said the 128GB version of the newest iPad simply wasn't enough.

Sure it makes sense that he would want something that could hold a lot of offline videos and TV shows, after all he doesn't have broadband! "I can't order a movie from iTunes and watch it straight away," said Wozniak. "I could wait for it but I get bored by then. It's because of my lousy phone company, but that is life."

It should be noted that Steve Wozniak doesn't have broadband internet because his provider is apparently not up to speed. The tech genius says he felt like the "king of the hill" when he finally received a 1MB connection via his internet company.

The fact that Wozniak's rural carrier doesn't have broadband seems like a good reason to move given his considerable status in the tech world.

Maybe Steve Wozniak can talk to Microsoft, the Surface Pro 2 seems like a better choice based on his memory needs.