Four Arrested In Connection To 63 Stolen Firearms, AR-15s

Four arrested men are being held in connection to 63 semi-automatic rifles stolen from a cargo truck more than two weeks ago. A truck loaded with a shipment of AR-15 Colt Law Enforcement Carbines was headed for Louisiana from Hartford, Connecticut. After truck arrived at its destination an inspection revealed dozens of firearms to have disappeared.

The four arrested suspects were booked by ATFE agents after an investigation, according to CNN. One suspect, 21-year-old Cameron Johnson, was working as a contract security guard in Shreveport, Louisiana, the truck’s destination. The other men arrested include Luther Williams Jr. and James D. Minor Jr.

A fourth man, David McNeil, was arrested after law enforcement officers searched his home and found him in possession of other merchandise. This included a television, also reported missing from the delivery center. Authorities say none of the arrested suspects employees of the shipping company, Con-way Inc.

None of the missing weapons have been recovered. Law enforcement agents have the serial numbers of the stolen firearms and hope to be able to track them. It is most likely they will be found and linked to the cargo theft after being recovered from a crime scene or an illegal market bust.

The stolen pallet of 63 rifles were all AR-15s. The AR-15 has become notorious after its use in the Aurora and Newtown mass shootings. As CBS News reports, the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle is also quite popular in the US, well-known for its easy customization and simple operation. These rifles can be outfitted with large clips and can fire as fast as the trigger is pulled.

The AR-15 type weapon is sold in many outlets, and according to CBS, typically run consumers between $900 and $1,250. Authorities say people may have purchased one of these stolen firearms without realizing their source. With the four arrested men taken into custody, officials are encouraging anyone who has purchased an AR-15 in Louisiana from someone other than an authorized dealer to contact the local sheriff.

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