Massive 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan

A massive 8.9 earthquake hit Japan Friday afternoon (local time) causing widespread flooding and damage across the Japanese islands, including Tokyo.

The quake hit at 2:46pm local time (5:46 UTC) and resulted in tsunamis that inundated large parts of the east coast of Japan.

According to reports, a tsunami as high as 10m hit parts of Japan, with lower surges recorded across other areas. TV footage showed flowing water across massive amounts of farm land and residential areas.

At the time of writing at least 13 people were believed to have been killed, with possibly hundreds more missing, as authorities try to get into affected areas.

Earthquake warnings were given across the Pacific, notably Hawaii, which saw massive coastal evacuations. At the time of writing the tidal wave was still several hours away from the United States’ Pacific Island State.

Reports claim that the tsunami wave may be the 5th largest wave ever recorded.

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