Royal Godparents: Behind William And Kate’s Seven Selections [Video]

The royal godparents helped welcome George, future King of England, into the Anglican church, which he will one day oversee.

What went into the decision to pick the seven individuals who were selected to be Prince George’s godparents?

William and Kate are the most unconventional royal couple in history, there is no disputing that fact. It all comes from how Princess Diana brought up her two sons and also from Kate’s status as a commoner.

The royal couple is bent on giving Prince George as normal an upbringing as possible, considering his position in life.

The selection of the royal godparents shows that the Duke and Duchess will continue to be their own people, regardless of centuries of tradition that have been followed by all previous members of the Royal Family.

As a point of reference, William’s six godparents include King Constantine II of Greece, while Prince Charles has King Haakon of Norway and Prince George of Greece and Denmark among his godfathers.

Prince George has a mix of older and young people as his godparents, but the element they all have in common is that they are very close to mom and dad.

From a former personal secretary to college roommates to a former friend of the late Princess Diana (the grandmother the royal baby will never meet), the seven royal godparents will play an important role in the upbringing of the heir to the throne.

As reported by The Inquisitr, one of the biggest surprises for folks who don’t know much about royal tradition is that neither Prince Harry, the lively uncle nor Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton, were selected.

Some may think they were snubbed, but were they?

According to Robert Jobson, longtime royal correspondent, they were not. “They are aunt and uncle, so they will have a very important role in Prince George’s life.” Other experts agree and say it was time to include others from their intimate circle to be royal godparents.

With only one royal chosen as a godparent, Zara Phillips, who is a cousin to Prince William, the couple is clearly sending a message that they will follow their own choices and not be guided by what is expected of William as a future King.

The role of the royal godparents was explained by the Archbishop during the ceremony in which Prince George was baptized with water from the Jordan River over the antique font that has seen many other royal christenings.

Some in the Anglican church are hoping that the attention brought by the first royal christening since Prince William’s in 1982 will bring more people into the church, since everything the royal couple does is followed and emulated by millions.

According to reports from those attending the ceremony, Prince George was a good little boy the whole day, making this special day even more wonderful for his proud parents and royal godparents.

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