Apple Mac Pro Is Amazing To Stare At, Even When It’s Being Built [Watch It Now]

Love or hate Apple but it’s hard to deny that the new Mac Pro is a beautifully designed piece of art. The body is a pure aluminum that design features curves that look as if a Ferrari designer hand carved each device over painstaking hours of work.

In reality the Apple Mac Pro is created with fine-tuned machines that carve out its components, buffer it to a shine, and then pack in a ton of technology that allows them to hum under the most stressed computing situations.

Pro tip: The Mac Pro is built in the United States, NOT in China.

Apple unveiled the Mac Pro in June and provided pricing for the 3.7 GHz Xeon-processor-packing-computer during the iPad Air launch event. The base price? $2999. Also, it won’t be available until December.

Sure the Apple Mac Pro is not cheap, but it is also a beautifully crafted piece of art that can sit alongside anything in your office and look amazing.

To showcase its manufacturing know-how in the United States Apple released the YouTube video “Apple – Making the all-new Mac Pro,”

Released on Wednesday morning the video only has a few hundred views displaying but we have a feeling that number will skyrocket in the near future.

Watch the video and you will quickly realize that Apple has nailed not only the design of for the Mac Pro but also the process by which they are created.

Now if only we can convince more U.S. company’s to manufacture even more awesome pieces of electronics at home.

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