Apple’s New iPads To Arrive Before Holiday Season

Apple’s new iPads are expected to hit stores sometime before the holiday shopping season.

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPads at an event today in California. Wired reports that the company will announce a fifth generation 9.7 inch iPad as well as an iPad Mini with retina display.

No official announcement has been made yet but several reports, photos and rumors have shown that both of these products exist. It would be pretty surprising if Apple didn’t unveil the new iPads today. Yahoo Finance reports that it’s been nearly a year since the last generation was released. That, coupled with the upcoming holiday season, makes this the perfect time for Apple to release its new product.

What To Expect From Apple’s New iPads

The most obvious change for the new iPads is that they will be lighter and faster than their predecessors. The new tablets will run Apple iOS and will contain quicker processors. The full size iPad is expected to get an A7X processor while the mini could house an A6.

The new iPads will also likely come with the fingerprint scanner that was unveiled on the iPhone 5S. The biometric scanner, which replaces the password lock, is expected to be a feature on most new Apple products.

Apple will probably end up dropping prices for the old iPad generations while starting the latest generation at $499. Previous versions of the iPad Mini have gone for $329 and Apple will probably use the same price for the latest generation.

More Than Just iPads

Apple is expected to unveil its new iPads today but the company also has “a lot to cover” at its new event. A polished version of the Mavericks operating system for Mac Computers is expected to be unveiled today as well as a release date. The MacBook Pro will be getting an update and Apple should give its new computer the Mac Pro a release date.

Rumors are also flying that the Apple TV will make an appearance at the conference today in California but Wired reports that the rumors aren’t true. Don’t expect the new Apple TV, or a new SmartWatch, to get released before the holiday season.

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