2009 NFL Draft two years out: Houston Texans

Through 2009, and 2010 this draft looked to be very, very good. In the past I have called in near perfection, but as time goes on we see some cracks in its armor. Brian Cushing gets busted for steroids, and Connor Barwin went down with a serious injury. However the Texans still landed four starters in this draft and that is very good indeed.

Before we go any further a quick look at teh picks made by the Texans in 2009:

•Round One (15)- Brian Cushing LB
•Round Two (46)- Connor Baldwin DE
•Round Three (77)- Antoine Caldwell OG
•Round Four (112)- Glover Quin CB
•Round Four (122)- Anthony Hill TE
•Round Five (152)- James Casey TE
•Round Six (188)- Brice McCain CB
•Round Seven (223)- Troy Nolan S

So Brian Cushing was the rookie of the year, and got busted for the ‘roids but is still a very effective player. Barwin had an unimpressive rookie year and an injury that kept him out of the 2010 season. Antoine Caldwell is the starting RG for this team, Glover Quinn is a starting CB, and Anthony Hill is a starting TE. Granted he has not done much.

The simple fact here is the Texans made eight picks in 2009, and all of them remain on their roster. That means they did an excellent job of scouting talent and finding the players they needed. Sure they could use upgrades like every other team, but in 2009 they got their draft right.

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