Florida Bully Case: Casey Anthony Lawyer Representing Bully Of Rebecca Sedwick

The Florida bully case took a new turn with the Casey Anthony lawyer Jose Baez now representing the younger of two girls arrested after the suicide of Rebecca Sedwick.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two girls arrested in the Florida bully case are almost a case study in contrast.

The older of the two is 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw, who is described as having been “very cold, had no emotion at all upon her arrest.” Shaw allegedly wrote this Facebook posts after the death of Rebecca Sedwick:

“Yes, I know I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but IDGAF [I don’t give a f**k].”

The parents of Guadalupe Shaw even tried defending her actions and claimed the Facebook post was due to hacking. Then Guadalupe Shaw’s stepmother Vivian Vosburg was arrested on two counts of child abuse with bodily harm and four counts of child neglect. Police describe the family life of Guadalupe Shaw in this manner:

“This clearly indicates to us that this appears to be a normal way of life. They’re laughing and cussing and throwing the F-bomb around. Then they’re posting that conduct for all to see [on Facebook].”

The parents of the 12-year-old bully were completely different. They blamed themselves for not being involved enough and their daughter was so remorseful that Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd released her into their care.

Still, the 12-year-old girl is still being charged with aggravated stalking in the Florida bully case according to the Sherriff:

“You see a pattern of harassment, a pattern of intimidation and that’s what they did. They intimidated this girl. They harassed her. She had no peace.”

Court papers allege the bullying of Rebecca Sedwick began over a boy both she and Guadalupe Shaw had dated. The 12-year-old is described as a former best friend who Guadalupe Shaw convinced to beat up. 15 other girls at the school are supposedly involved, as well.

Even though the 12-year-old girl is unlikely to face jail time because this is her first offense the Casey Anthony lawyer is still taking the job. Guadalupe Shaw also appeared in court on Tuesday and the judge refused to release her from juvenile detention.

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