Prince William, Kate Naked In Bath With Baby? Look Closer

A convincing image of Prince William and Kate Middleton naked in the bath with a baby has been circulating the web.

And while many may take the uberconvincing pic as real at first glance, it should be noted that the pic is — as you may have suspected — a really amazing fake.

The naked pic of William, Kate, and baby George in the tub isn’t photoshop trickery, nor is it the Royal Family suddenly losing all interest in decorum and letting loose with a series of intimate pics.

Yes, the first clue the image of smiling, naked, but clearly posing young monarchs falls apart is the mere knowledge that such a picture would never see the light of day, even if posed for and shot, which also seems incredibly implausible as a thing that could happen.

The most salacious pic shows the young royals sharing a bath with the new baby, another from the same set has “William” bringing in a Lego helicopter as a bath toy for Prince George.

As HuffPo UK writes:

“These extremely intimate photos capture the Royals at their most private, and reveal some family secrets. Prince William has more hair on his chest than on his head, Kate wears a full face of make-up in the bath, and Prince George shares his father’s love for helicopters – in lego form.”

Another incredibly convincing, yet fake, pic from the set shows Kate — dressed in a very Middleton-esque navy and lace number — handing off a food-covered Baby George to the Queen. Elizabeth looks flustered as she accepts the sticky bundle, her mouth open in confusion and possibly fear of soiling her dress, but embracing the baby closely. Kate daintily dabs at the child with a cloth.

Yet another shows Kate and William at a changing table, with the Duchess looking on adoringly as her husband diapers the bare-bottomed child.

Again, not an actual pic, but a cool piece of art nonetheless. The work is that of Alison Jackson, whose pieces are a rumination on authenticity and truth in the internet and social era — which is to say, how much of what you see with your own eyes is really real? Even if you “see” something on the social web… can you take it as fact? Now look at Jackson’s work and answer that question again.

Naked royals aren’t Jackson’s only domain — the artist also tweeted a similar bathtub pic featuring none other than lookalikes of Kim and Kanye in the bath with baby North West. And while we are probably more likely to see such a scene out of the Kardashian/West house, we also don’t imagine Kanye wears his shades in the tub:

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