San Francisco Man Arrested For Making Out With a Train Seat

In the latest shocking news story out of San Francisco a homeless man has been arrested for having sex with a train seat while smoking his crack pipe.

The accused man, 28-year-old Leslie Bailey, was arrested back in May after he was caught making out with the train seat on a carriage. The carriage he was in was empty but easily viewable from the adjacent carriage which had a bunch of people in it. He was caught on his knees thrusting and gyrating his pelvis against the train seat.

He then turned over onto his stomach and started masturbating while taking in big hit on his crack pipe. When Bailey realized he had been caught he apologized to the train operator, while his genitals were still hanging out.

Passengers on the BART train, travelling from Dublin-Pleasanton got more than they bargained for as well as real eye-full on their commute to work. Bailey’s attorney, Emily Dahm, said her client had been taking very strong anti-psychotic and was binging at the time on crack cocaine.

In order to achieve a successful conviction prosecutors must prove that the man was actively seeking attention from other people. Otherwise a felony indecent exposure conviction will be hard to achieve.

Dahm’s argument for her client is that he was trying to have a “private moment” on the empty carriage and was not trying to draw attention to himself.

At this stage of the story you are probably thinking to yourself that this must be an isolated case, after all how many people have sex with modes of transport? Well, I have news for you.

Back in 2008 Edward Smith of Washington State admitted to police that he had had sex with at least 1,000 cars in that year. He said during his police interview that he lost his virginity to a car when he was just 15. Oy! That’s underage.

He spoke openly about the fact that he was far more attracted to cars than he was to woman or men or, I suppose, animals. His girlfriend at the time he was arrested was called Vanilla, a stunningly sexy white Volkswagen Beetle.

I could even cite more examples of people who prefer to have sex with cars than with humans, like Daniel Cooper, aged 24, from Wales who stripped naked and had sex with a Land Rover Discovery. I guess he was into more “chunky” cars.

But i’ll spare your mind from being twisted any further as you try to fathom the very idea of actually having sex and falling in love with a car. You’ve read enough! Happy driving.

Please feel free to share any thoughts at all that you have on the matter of people having sex with cars in the comments feed below.

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