Erin Cox, Teen Punished For ‘Rescuing’ Drunk Friend From Party, Probably Lied [UPDATED]

Erin Cox, the North Andover High School student who was suspended for doing the right thing and picking her drunk friend up from a party, probably lied about the whole thing, according to police.

UPDATE: The Valley Patriot, which originally published the update on Erin Cox’s story, posted a retraction at 3PM, about the same time our article was published. They write: “The Valley Patriot has since learned that this information was false. Famed attorney Wendy Murphy who represents the Cox family told the Valley Patriot that our sources ‘lied’ not Erin Cox. ‘Your sources lied, the schools lawyer lied, the principal lied … and retaliation like this is unconscionable and actionable,’ she said in an email in reaction to our original story.” So, carry on, Internet. We’ll let you know if anything changes.

The story went viral last week. Cox, a straight-laced honors student, sparked huge outcry after she was suspended for playing designated driver to a wasted friend. Law enforcement officials busted the party her friend was attending, but initially let Cox off the hook after determining that she hadn’t been drinking. Still, the school punished her under their odious zero tolerance policies.

Now, police are saying that Cox was actually in attendance at the party and that parents actually drove the students home. Cox, now suspected of lying to cover her butt, will be charged with possession of alcohol as a minor and arraigned.

One piece of particularly damning evidence against Cox is a screenshot from her Facebook page where other party attendees claimed to have video of her “puking into a trashcan.” Some defended Cox and said that the other attendees are lying, but tellingly, the “Erin Cox Fund” set up to fund her defense is no longer accepting (and possibly returning) donations.

A letter posted to the site reads:

“Thank you all for your generousity to the Erin Cox Fund. I have been informed by Erin’s mother that she would like your donations to go to MADD or to the charity of your choice. “Go Fund Me” is a great tool for donating to noble causes, however I have learned that the Erin Cox story is still developing and I believe it is best to refund all donations at this time.”

“Like all of you, I wanted to do something good for a student that seemed to be unfairly treated by her high school. This fund is something that I would have created for anyone in need of social justice. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible generousity. At this time, it is best to accept the refund and if the Erin Cox story still interests you please follow the North Andover Citizen online.”

Erin Cox has retained famous victim’s rights attorney Wendy Murphy for her case. Do you think that Cox’s story is true, or could she have been lying all along?

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